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You will find many items that you know exist,  but for every one you know, there are four more that you are not aware of and those you do know, will appear in various other styles or sizes

Transformer effect of using cold Flax Seed

If in your travels you see an Item like the one pictured alongside which is normally on a pole in country side farm areas then you are seeing an oil cooled transformer (this is an 11 kilo volt (11.000 volt)) the transformer attains a heat that would melt the core and cause an explosion so they pump or enclose  the core in a bath of oil, here the oil pulls the heat from the core. Also nearly all cylinder heads on cars are alloy of some sort and heat can have a devastating effect on the efficiency so to keep it cool you have a cooling system using an antifreeze / summer coolant which is a form of oil that will not freeze (*1) but will pull the heat more efficiently from the engine. All our Cooleze products make use of this phenomena. If using anything else like a bag of peas or  gel filled packs or even an ice cube, these are designed to transfer the cold to you, so if ice is used it has a tendency to drive the heat deeper into the epidermis and if you keep them on too long they can cause ice burn and damage to the skin cells, this is not possible with our Cooleze Range as they can be applied direct to the skin with no risk of freezing the skin, as the oil seed is pulling the heat from you, removing the inflammation not driving the ice into your skin.

(*1) In your cooling system the coolant (Glycol) is mixed with water so will freeze at  a much lower temperature than if it was filled with water alone,  (an engine filled with neat water can warp the cylinder head) But neat anti freeze is corrosive so too high a concentrate of coolant can damage your engine.

11.000 Volt

Oil filled


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Instructions for using this Site

I have made a few alterations this will let you navigate around quicker.

If you can read this then you already have a Tab which tells you that you have cooleze web page open, If you can find  in the boxes below an Item that you require (this will be blue text) left click this blue text another page will open with the contents you selected, Now you can flip from page to page Just by clicking in the middle of each tab, you can open some more pages and flip just the same, If you want to close any pages (NOT the first) just move your mouse to the right hand end  and  a red cross will appear  click  and it will close the tab.

     You can now make some of your purchases direct from the info page I believe  I am

      getting there slowly.   Please Phone 0845 1080 894 any problems with this web page

Note for wheat allergy sufferers

Riceeze goods

Same quality and sizes as Wheateze but using Rice, proved to last longer less chance of  spontanious ignition  and a nicer aroma for a far longer life span.

Riceeze Items  

Back by popular demand not all these items are available on our stall on a flying visit but all can be supplied by a phone booking for the date you set, any problems if it needs to be changed a phone call can fix it. All Rice items can be used cold or hot and are suitable for anyone who is allergic to wheat or simply cannot stand it.

Special for schools and

Crech Managers